SWACCHTA AND ENVIRONMENT RALLY: Cadets along with CTO and two helpers went for swacchta rally from Columbus Public School, Model Colony to Gaba Chowk, Rudrapur; further proceeded with an Environment rally marching towards Gandhi Park and nearby area cleaning the plastic waste and other items creating pollution.

WATER CONSERVATION WEEK: An Awareness Programme was conducted by NCC cadets in the school premises where they all visited the classes from 9-12 awaking about the water conservation ways.

A prescribed form was distributed by the cadets to fill the maximum possible usage of water in everyday life and the measures to reduce the wastage of water were being told by the cadets.

POSTER MAKING COMPETITION: The cadets were divided into four groups and each group prepared posters on real time basis on the topic-MORAL VALUES AND ETHICS FOR CORRUPTION FREE INDIA, SAVE GIRL CHILD, etc. in the supervision of CTO.

ESSAY WRITING: An essay writing competition was conducted by the CTO on the topic – CORRUPTION FREE INDIA.

SWACCHTA PAKHWADA SHRAMDAAN ACTIVITY: NCC cadets through a cleanliness drive went to Gaba Chowk and cleaned the monument of SHRI SHYAMA PRASAD JI MUKHERJEE under Swacchta Pakhwada.

PERSONAL HYGIENE DAY AND PLOGGING: The significance of PERSONAL HYGIENE was delivered by the NCC cadets through the medium of speeches, poems and articles. They also participated in Plogging activity by cleaning the roadside garbage while running.

RANGE FIRING, PARADE, SIMULATION, EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: The NCC cadets are also taken to the Unit for practicing Range Firing, Aeromodelling, parades and Simulation.

PLANTATION PAKHWADA: Tree plantation was done by cadets and the CTO from their residence only due to Covid. Cadets posted their pictures on Social Media platforms for awaking people about its importance.

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF YOGA: Keeping in mind the prevailing situation of COVID, the cadets performed YOGA on IYD- YOGA@ HOME along with their parents, family, friends and relatives.

FIT INDIA AWARENESS E CAMPAIGN: Fitness promoting activities were being done by the cadets along with their families and friends from their home only. This program included Orientation Awareness, planning and training, indoor games and activities with family etc.

MY ASPIRATION AS AN AIR CADET: An article writing activity was being conducted by the CTO online. Cadets wrote the articles and the best ones were appreciated by the Officers.

LOGOS FOR GALLANTRY AWARDS: Cadets designed handmade and digital logos regarding the Gallantry Awards portal.

ONLINE QUIZ AND ESSAY WRITING: Cadets also participates in the online quizzes and receive the certificates for the same. Essay writing too was conducted on RECYCLING WASTE FOR PLASTIC FREE INDIA and the best out of them were being uploaded on the twitter account of NCC by the Officers.

KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS: Posters were made by the cadets on the occasion of KARGIL VIJAY DIWAS from their home only.

FREE MASK DISTRIBUTION: A rally was being performed by the NCC cadets amid Covid to distribute free masks to the public and awakening them about the importance of wearing a mask.

CLEANLINESS DRIVE under Swacchta Abhiyaan

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Following this quote, NCC Cadets of Sub unit COLUMBUS PUBLIC SCHOOL, RUDRAPUR went for CLEANLINESS DRIVE under Swacchta Abhiyaan at Maharaja Ranjit Singh Park, Gandhi Park in Rudrapur. They paid homage to Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji by cleaning his statue diligently. They also watered nearby plants and cleaned the vicinity.