Transport Rules
  • The school provides transport facility to its students on request and on payment of transport fee.
  • Application for using the School Transport must be made in writing to the Transport Coordinator. Granting permission to use the School Transport is at discretion of the School Authorities and is subject to seat availability on the particular bus route.
  • The buses run on specified routes. Parents applying for the transport facility must first confirm with the school office to whether their residence is located on an existing school bus route. Any request to change or deviate from an existing route will not be entertained.
  • The school does not cater to door-to-door pick/drop facility. The school buses stop at the fixed designated stops only. Parents must drop/pick their child from the designated bus stops. It is the duty of the parents/guardians to ensure that their ward(s) do not go to and fro from bus stops unescorted.
  • The students must reach their designated pickup point at least 10 minutes prior to the arrival of buses. Buses will not wait to pick up a child.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the school bus to see-off or receive their ward(s).
  • Parents cannot force the driver to divert/change the route or pickup location. Request to change the destination/ pickup location must be made in writing to the Transport Coordinator. Granting permission to change the destination/ pickup point is at complete discretion of the School Authorities.
  • Leaving the school transport in the mid-session is not permitted. However exceptional cases, with permission of the Principal, may be permitted.
  • Request to discontinue use of the School Transport must be made in writing atleast one month in advance to the Transport Coordinator.
  • The school reserves the right to alter the timings, routes and stoppages as and when necessary.
  • Parents under any circumstances/provocation whatsoever will not indulge in any brawl/argument/fight with the transport staff. Any complaint against them should be reported to the Transport Coordinator/Principal.
  • Transport Fee is to be paid along with the school fee on monthly basis. If the fee is not paid for three consecutive months, the child may be barred from using the School Transport and may lead to permanent withdrawal of transport facility from the child.


  • Students must respect and obey the Transport Staff.
  • Students using the school transport must wear their identity card at all times during the journey.
  • Boarding and alighting from buses should be done in silence and in an orderly manner. No student must try to board or alight a moving bus.
  • Immediately upon boarding the bus, students must occupy vacant seats. No student is allowed to stand or move around in the bus. All students must remain seated throughout their journey.
  • The aisle of the bus must be kept clear. School bags and other belongings must be placed properly.
  • No student is allowed to travel standing on the footboard or near the door. The door area should be kept clear for unhindered access.
  • No student is supposed to lean or wave out of the window. No part of the body must be out of the window.
  • Shouting, misbehaving or hooliganism in any form in the bus is strictly prohibited.
  • Any damage to the seats or the bus property in any form due to deliberate wilfulness will be made good by the student.
  • Students are not allowed to change the bus trip as per their convenience. They must mandatorily travel on their own designated bus routes.
  • Students are not allowed to alight at any other stops other than their designated destination.

Failure to follow rules & regulations may lead to immediate withdrawal of Transport Facility from the child.