Expectations from Parents/Guardians

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

It is undoubtedly clear that more the parents participate in a student's learning, the more successful the student will be. Given below is a list of expectations that the school expects its parents to fulfil in order for them to become a partner in their child's holistic development.

  • The parents must explain to their child the importance of school and how it affects their future.
  • Parents must have realistic expectations from their child. Children learn better when parents have clear and reasonable expectations.
  • Prime importance must be attached to build sound character in pupils. Parents must inculcate in children good values, manners, and etiquettes. They must equip their children with a strong sense of discipline.
  • The parents must ensure their pupil's punctuality and regular attendance. Absenteeism must be discouraged and limited to times only when the child is truly ill.
  • Parents must spend substantial time with their ward daily and enquire about the whole day's activities of the school. They must look over the child's school work daily; go through the pupil's diary and exercise books. They should acknowledge the principal's/teacher's remarks as well as the daily assignment. They must ensure execution of the homework assigned, ask questions and give helpful feedback to their child.
  • Parents should encourage habits of self-learning in their wards. Private tuitions hinder self-learning and must be discouraged. However, allowances may be made in case of slow learners and they may be permitted to take remedial tuition for a limited period.
  • Parents must encourage their ward(s) to actively participate in various events/ activities/ competitions organised in the school and motivate them to excel in all arenas. Parents should look to encourage healthy competition among peers.
  • The parents must ensure that their ward(s) comes tidy and well-dressed to school. Uniform should be clean, tidy and in proper order as per the dress code. Parents must educate their child about cleanliness and personal hygiene.
  • Parents must be cautious towards any sign of emotional maladjustment shown by the child. Such a case requires immediate attention and constructive intervention. If the need arises, parents must immediately bring such cases to the notice of the school authorities.
  • Parents are expected to mandatorily attend all Parent Teacher Meetings (PTMs). They must use the opportunity to discuss the child's progress-report, obtain the teacher's opinion about the child's progress in class and share their concerns with the teacher(s).
  • Parents are expected to meet the school authorities immediately when advised to do so.
  • The parents must have faith in the school system, support all school rules and policies, and follow laid procedures/schedules. It is the duty of the parents to inculcate in their children respect for the school's systems. Children must be educated to be disciplined, respect school rules/regulations and follow placed procedures.
  • Criticising of school policies/activities in presence of children should be discouraged. It deters the child's faith in the system. Any concern should be brought forward to the school authorities.
  • Parents are expected to communicate with the school authorities and provide constructive feedback from time to time. Parents may seek appointment with the Director/Principal, post their feedback/suggestions in the suggestion-box, or provide online feedback through the school's web portal.
  • Parents are expected to immediately notify the school authorities of any change in their address/phone number.