We have well equipped labs in the school, where students experience experimentally whatever they study in theory. All the required facilities are provided to our young scientists to meet the curriculum demands with care and guidance of our expert faculty and well trained lab assistants. Besides being equipped the labs are spacious, airy, organised and well maintained

The Physics Lab:

Teachers conduct Demos, experiments and practicals for students over here.. Students are guided and observed while performing experiments in the lab ..

The Chemistry Lab:

Chemistry lab is thoroughly equipped and proves to be a platform for the inquisitive minds of students. The smell of fumes from this lab defines the young scientists into the making. All the experiments are carried out under vigilance. Besides the experiments, all activities as per the NCRT requirement are also executed in the lab.

The Biology Lab:

The Bio lab gives hands on experience to the students in all aspects of the subject. There are l preserved specimens of plants and animals to facilitate experiments. The collection of permanent slides proves to be a wealth of information for the students. All modern, scientific apparatus along with models and charts are used here.

IT( Computer) Lab

In this tech savvy world, we realize the role of school in making our students proficient from the day one. No profession can run in isolation as almost everything is interwoven with Information Technology. Our enthusiastic young students will be the budding professionals tomorrow, so, IT training is given keeping in mind today’s needs and tomorrow’s vision.

Mathematics Lab

We all understand that Mathematics cannot be learnt. It has to be understood and practiced. The Math lab takes this concept a little further. Here students are made to experience the various principles and fundamentals of mathematics.

Students get to understand the various concepts through the feel of real objects. Math, measurement and relationships between various principles are clarified by actual demonstration. This makes Math more real and hence better understood.