The House System

The students of the whole school are divided into four houses – Tagore House, Nehru House, Subhash House and Gandhi House represented by Red, Blue, Yellow and Green colours respectively. Housemasters assisted by the Captain, Vice- Captain and Prefects plan, execute and monitor the activities of their respective houses.

Through various inter-house activities and events, the school provides a platform for exploring the latent talents in a child and helping him/her to attain perfection in the domain that s/he is good at. Besides, these activities aim at instilling into the child a sense of healthy competition.

The activities in school are held at various levels as indicated below:

Classes 1st & 2nd Sub-Junior Group
Classes 3rd to 5th Junior Group
Classes 6th to 8th Middle School Group
Classes 9th to 12th Senior Group

Also, to instill among the students a sense of responsibility and qualities of leadership, the houses are assigned certain duties and the house on turn holds the responsibility to ensure these duties are smoothly carried out flawlessly and smoothly. Furthermore, the school morning assembly, comprising a set of creative and innovative activities, is fashioned in a way to ensure maximum participation on the part of students represented by various houses.

The houses are then ranked on their performance in the various events and duties assigned to them. The best performing house is awarded with the title of “COCK HOUSE (WINNING HOUSE)” at the end of the session.


Tagore House Onwards and Upwards
Nehru House Rise, Move and Conquer
Subhash House Faithful and Brave
Gandhi House Ever to Excel