Disciplinary Measures

Columbus Public School has a positive, educative approach to discipline. Norms of behaviour are indicated in the Code of Conduct and clear expectations as to how individuals should conduct themselves are laid down in the mission, values, Code of Conduct and other documentation of the school.

This section briefs disciplinary measures that the school can apply when students breach the rules and behaviour expectations established by the school. The school can discipline students for behaviour incidents occurring at school, at a school activity; or while travelling to or from school.

  • Oral Warning
  • Withdrawal from Class - If a student's behaviour significantly interferes with the rights of other students to learn or the capacity of a teacher to teach a class or where there is possibility of harm to others, that student may be temporarily removed from regular classroom activities. In more serious cases the student may be required to leave the classroom for a specified period of time.
  • Written Warning - A note in the student's school-dairy is jotted for a severe offence or repeated occurrences of an offence. The note serves the purpose of a warning against repeating the offence. A student is counselled for his/her behaviour and warned not to repeat the offence. Notes for offences may be jotted by any teacher, coordinator, vice-principal or principal.
  • Parent Contact - Whenever felt necessary, the school contacts the child parents to inform them about their ward's behaviour. The school expects the parents to intervene positively, counsel their child and take corrective remedial measures.
  • Suspension - Suspension is the process of excluding a student from the standard instruction or educational opportunities being provided to other students at the school for part of a day, a full day, or multiple days. The School Principal has the right to suspend any student on disciplinary grounds.
  • Expulsion - Expulsion is the process of permanently excluding the student from the school rolls. The School Principal has the right to expel any student on disciplinary grounds or any reasons whatsoever, if such a step is found to be convincing in the interest of the school.