Code of Conduct & Discipline

Personal Conduct

  • Attendance on all working days is compulsory. Remaining absent from school is not allowed. Absence for any reason whatsoever must be supported with a valid leave-note.
  • Students must reach the school at least 10 minutes before the school begins.
  • Each student must compulsorily carry his School Dairy and Identity Card to school every day.
  • Students must converse in English at all times on the School Campus (except during Hindi/ Sanskrit periods).
  • Bullying, fighting, physical/mental abuse or violence in any form is strictly prohibited. Also a student should not cooperate or indulge in any act of violence committed by other students.
  • Profanity and vulgar language disrupt the ability of others to feel comfortable and is a form of violence. Use of expletives or derogatory language is strictly prohibited.
  • Pupils are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct in the School Campus and the School Buses. Hence misbehaviour in any form in the campus or the school bus is punishable.
  • Every student should endeavour to keep up high standards of the school, by excelling in good manners and deportment, even in their public places and personal lives.


  • Striving to excel in academics is the primary motive of schooling. All students must sincerely endeavour to excel in studies and produce meritorious results.
  • Remaining absent from any period without permission of the subject teacher is not allowed.
  • Using unfair means in the examinations will be strictly dealt with.
  • Attempting to tamper/forge official records or documents such as answer-sheets, progress-reports, attendance records, certificates etc. is a severe offence.
  • All students should maintain their books and copies with utmost respect and care. All books and note-books should be duly covered and neatly maintained.
  • It is the duty of each child to keep pace with classwork and home assignments. All work in books and copies should be completed up-to-date and duly checked by the subject teacher. Assistance of the teacher should be sought wherever required.


  • Students must move around the campus in a graceful and disciplined manner.
  • Walking around the campus with hands in the pockets is not allowed.
  • Changing of classrooms between periods should be done silently and in an orderly manner.
  • Running around in the corridors/verandas/staircase is not permitted.
  • No child is allowed to leave early without due permission of the Principal. Leaving the school campus without permission is strictly not allowed.

Personal Hygiene and Care

  • Personal hygiene is the first step to good health. Students should maintain high standards of personal hygiene and care.
  • Students must wash their hands before and after eating their lunch.
  • Bruise, cuts, rashes should be properly cleaned, sanitized and bandaged.
  • It is compulsory for all students to carry a handkerchief to school everyday.
  • Students suffering from cough & cold are advised to carry a hand sanitizer and extra handkerchief.
  • Students suffering from an infectious/contagious medical condition must inform the school authorities immediately. Such students are not allowed to attend school, till the disease is completely cured.

Dress Code

  • It is mandatory for all students to strictly adhere to the Uniform Dress Code and wear the prescribed school uniform.
  • Students should habitually be clean, tidy and present a smart look.
  • The school uniform should be worn clean and well-ironed.
  • Trousers/ Skirts must be worn around the waist. Wearing low-waist trouser/skirts is not allowed.
  • Narrow-bottom trousers are not allowed.
  • All boys (except Sikhs) should get their hair cut at regular intervals and maintain well cut and short hair.
  • Girls with long hair must plait their hair in two pony-tails using ribbons of the prescribed colour. Girls with short hair should wear hair-bands.
  • Use of hair-gels is not allowed.
  • Both boys and girls must maintain well-clipped, short and clean nails.
  • Wearing fancy jewellery items such as earrings, ear tops, hair-pins, bracelets, necklaces, charms or various threads and bangles are not allowed. Nail-paint, lipstick, henna or wearing make-up in any form is strictly prohibited.
  • Body-art/ piercing/tattoo of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  • Shoes should always be worn well-polished.
  • Coloured dress is allowed on Birthdays only for students of classes I to VIII. Senior students are not allowed to wear coloured dress on any occasion (unless permitted by the School).

School Campus

  • Students are expected to respect school property.
  • Defacing or damaging of school property is strictly prohibited. No students should damage any school property, write or draw anything on the furniture or walls or in any way damage things belonging to the school.
  • Students must take utmost care to maintain clean surroundings.
  • Students should not litter the school premises. Leftovers must be prudently disposed into the dust-bins.


  • Students are not allowed to carry Mobile Phones/ Pagers/ Tablets or any electronic or communication device to the school.
  • Chewing-Gum is strictly prohibited in the school campus.
  • Bringing toys, crackers, holi colours, playing cards, trump cards, music devices, headphones etc. is not permitted at school.
  • Carrying storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, Flash Drives etc. for reasons other than academic is not allowed.
  • Wrist watches are not allowed to be worn in the school and will be confiscated. Students from classes IX to XII are however be allowed to wear wrist watches during the examination days.