Fee Rules
  • Fee is to be deposited monthly at Bank of Baroda, Gava Complex, Kashipur Road, Rudrapur.
  • Fees may be deposited at the Bank from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm on all working days. The Bank does not collect fee at timings other than these.
  • The school also facilitates depositing fees at the School Fee Counter. Fees may be deposited at the School Fee Counter from 09:00 am to 12:00 noon during the first ten days of every fee cycle. Fees at the School Fee Counter can be paid through Cash or by swiping Credit/Debit Card at the School Fee Counter.
  • The school issues Fee-Bill (in triplicate) to students in the first week of every month. Parents/Guardians are required to produce this fee-bill at the counter while depositing the fee. The bank/school does not accept fees without the fee-bill. In case of loss, duplicate fee-bill can be obtained from the school's Account Office on payment of Rs. 20/- only.
  • Parents must tender exact change at the counter as indicated on the Fee-Bill. In case exact change is not available, the parents can deposit fee to the nearest greater rounded figure. The excess amount is adjusted in the next fee-bill.
  • On depositing the fee, the parents must obtain the duly stamped 'Student's Copy' of the fee-slip for their record. The parents/guardians must keep all fee-receipts safely for record. They may be asked to produce the receipt(s) if the need arises. The school administration shall not entertain complaints regarding fee if the parents/ guardians fail to produce required fee receipts. In case the receipt is denied at the counter, the matter should immediately be brought to the notice of the school authorities.
  • The school holds no responsibility for the fee deposited anywhere else or to any person in individual other than the designated Bank/ School Fee Counter.
  • Fee may be deposited either in cash or by cheque/demand draft.
  • In case a cheque is bounced, the parents will be informed about it. They will then be asked to deposit the amount in cash along with the late payment fine for the period & bank charges levied there on.
  • To avoid long queues at the fee-counter, parents may deposit the fee using NEFT/RTGS.
  • The school also provides an 'Online Fee Payment System' vide the school portal (www.cps.edu.in) in order to equip the parents with the convenience to deposit the school fees 24x7 from the convenience of their home/office. Fees may be paid anytime anywhere by logging in through the eCare Pro Login on the school's website. Fees may be paid through the online payment system by using Debit/ Credit Card/ Paytm8 or Net Banking facility.
  • Fee once paid is neither transferable nor refundable.
  • All fees must be deposited on or before the 10th of every month. Fee paid after 10th up to 20th of the month will be charged a late fine of Rs. 30/- and fee paid after the 20th of every month will be charged a late fine of Rs. 60/- per month till the time it is cleared.
  • Parents are requested to deposit the late-fine along with the fee. Late-fine if not deposited will be reflected in the next fee-bill.
  • If the fee is not paid for three consecutive months, the child may be barred from appearing in examinations and is liable to have his/her name struck off the school rolls. Re-admission will be granted subject to vacancy and on repayment of admission fee as per the existing fee structure.
  • The school fee covers twelve calendar months and must be paid in advance. No reduction is made for holidays or broken periods. Session Fee & Examination Fee are to be paid every year in the months of July & October respectively.
  • The fees for the months of June and March have to be paid along with the fee for the months of May and February respectively.
  • If due to any reason(s) a parent is unable to deposit the fee in due time; the parent must inform the school office, seek permission to this effect and obtain a fresh date for depositing the fee. A maximum of one - month extension can be granted only in exceptional cases with written permission of the Principal/Management.
  • If a child is admitted in mid-session, fee will be charged for the complete session. However, if the parent has already paid the fees in the previous school (only if the school is duly recognized by a Board) and produces evidential fee-receipt(s) issued by the previous school, fee will be charged from the next due month or the month in which the admission takes place, whichever is earlier.
  • The Caution Money deposited with the school at the time of admission is interest-free. Parents/ Guardians cannot claim any interest on Caution Money, which is duly refunded when the student duly leaves the school.
  • Parents will be duly informed well in advance about any hike in fee before the beginning of the new session. The school generally does not hike fee in the middle of the session. Approximately 10% to 15% fee hike is anticipated annually.
  • In case of any additional charges/government levied taxes/cess on any fee, it will be borne by the parents.
  • In case of any dispute related to fee, the matter will be referred to the school managing committee and proper hearing will be given to the parent to present their case. The decision of the managing committee will be final and binding.

Note: The fee realised does not cover the charges for any extra activities in which the child takes part such as picnic & excursions, participation fee or expenses towards participation in any olympiads or contests or competition, extra coaching in a subject/sport, expenses towards participation in any sports or cultural event, CBSE Registration/ Exam Fees etc. All such expenses/charges/fees have to be borne separately.

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