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Clay Moulding Activity
  • Event Date: 20-Sep-2022
  • Updated On: 22-Sep-2022
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Description: A Clay moulding activity was conducted for the tiny tots of Pre-Primary Wing on 20.09.22. It is an activity that helps in the development of pre-primary students in several ways. It nurtures a child’s creativity, boosts imagination, and imbibes self-confidence. The touch and feel of clay have a naturally relaxing quality. By pressing, squeezing, poking, and reshaping the clay into different shapes, improves a child’s motor skills. The student’s problem-solving skills can be explored when he/she decides how far they can shape the clay before it breaks, de-shapes, and falls. Children made different shapes like caterpillar, butterfly, lord Ganesha , flowers and so many things .It was an enriching and learning experience for them .
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